About Us

The Center for Psychology & Counseling, LLC was co-founded in 1994 by Dr. Harvey Ziff and Julie Ziff, LCSW. We are a private practice group that has served the Doylestown area for over 20 years with an exceptional reputation in the community. We provide comprehensive psychological services for children, adults and families and continue to uphold only the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure each individual receives only the best quality care. Our practice has continued to grow over the years and now includes a small group of very dedicated and highly regarded therapists who provide exceptional services in their areas of specialization.

Utilizing current methods to treat behavioral and emotional problems, The Center for Psychology and Counseling remains ahead of the rapidly changing needs of the mental health field and ultimately allows us to provide the most effective and successful treatments outcomes. Our approach is deeply rooted in providing a personalized service that is guided by a comprehensive assessment  to best understand your concerns and a collaborative approach toward treatment planning. While we provide the most up to date and research driven treatments for a range of emotional and behavioral issues, we stay focused on the personal connection, which has been demonstrated to lead to the most positive treatment outcomes. In fact, even in this digital age, most of our referrals still reach us the oldfashioned way, via “word-of-mouth.” We find it has always been our ability to effectively collaborate and work alongside of the doctors, healthcare professionals and school personnel that has led them to confidently recommend us and our practice.

Our offices are located in our historic two hundred and fifty year old comfortable building, with easy access to parking at the southern edge of the Doylestown borough. It is here that  we maintain our beautiful and private offices where we provide for a warm, comforting and confidential therapeutic environment. Graceful old trees and gardens surround the property and project a feeling of serenity. When visitors enter they always comment on the pleasant atmosphere and “good vibes” they experience.  Children as well as adults seem to enjoy and appreciate the warm feeling they get when greeted by “Dr. Benny,” our Golden Retriever  therapy dog,  It is from here that we begin the process of helping each person to feel comforted and understood, safe and secure.