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The Myth of Executive Functioning (EF) Part IV: What Does EF Look Like in Kids/Teens with ADHD?

Welcome back to our Blog Series on Executive Functioning! As we talked about last time, Executive Functioning, or EF, involves 2 main areas of brain processing: Inhibition of Responses: Impulse control/self-restraint (e.g., stopping yourself from making an inappropriate comment, or acting inappropriately) Awareness: Awareness of own thoughts and emotions. Also, self-speech/internalized speech (e.g., thinking to… Read more »

Black Sheep: The Holidays

The nights are getting longer and the temperatures are dropping.  Many of our thoughts are turning to turkey and pumpkin pies.  Some of those thoughts, though, are dreading the inevitable tension of dealing with that relative at the family holiday gatherings.  Just about all of us have that one family member who says something (or several somethings)… Read more »