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Family Conflict: Electronics & Social Media

Tips from a Child/Family Therapist: Working with families, one of the most common conflicts that arises (and the one that often becomes the most heated) between teens and their parents is concerning electronic usage and social media. Teens today seem attached to their phones and tablets – texting their friends nonstop, constantly checking Facebook, Twitter,… Read more »

CPC Acknowledges National Suicide Prevention Week

This past week has been recognized as National Suicide Prevention Week with World Suicide Prevention Day taking place tomorrow, September 10th.  Suicide affects millions of people each year – those who have attempted or successfully completed suicide and family members and loved ones who have lost someone to suicide.  However, suicide continues to be a… Read more »

The Myth of Executive Functioning (EF) Part III: What Does EF Look Like in Youths with ADHD?

Welcome back to our Blog Series on Executive Functioning. As we talked about last time, Executive Functioning, or EF, involves 2 main areas of brain processing: Inhibition of Responses: Impulse control/self-restraint (e.g., stopping yourself from making an inappropriate comment, or acting inappropriately) Awareness: Awareness of own thoughts and emotions. Also self-speech/internalized speech (e.g., thinking to… Read more »

How to Best Manage Coursework in High School: Tips from a Recent High School Grad

We have all had that feeling of being totally overwhelmed in high school. It is difficult to manage classes, homework, activities, and our social lives – not to mention this is also the time that we have to start thinking about what comes next for us following graduation. Many questions arise and they don’t always… Read more »