Adolescence represents a unique developmental period marked by pronounced intellectual growth, identity exploration, navigation of social groups, and increasing independence. Struggles in these areas are frequently challenging and perfectly natural but deserve an observant eye.

Adolescents having difficulties are supported with various tools to master these developmental tasks. Our uniquely insightful approach is sensitive to common teen issues, including hormonal changes, learning difficulties, family dynamics, substance abuse, body image, and self-esteem. A therapy makes effective use of creative expression through journaling, music and art activities. As much as possible, we invite adolescents into partnership in deciding on goals and setting a direction. Through effective therapy, teens are able to practice new skills reflecting an independent identity as they learn to take responsibility for their own actions, decisions, and outcomes.

Academic coaching is also available to help adolescents meet the increasing need for self-direction and self-management in learning evnironments. Other issues with which we have specific expertise include:

  • Treatment for Anxiety and Depression
  • Treatment for ADD/ADHD
  • Treatment for Behavior Issues: ODD, Anger
  • Social Skills Development
  • Navigating Divorce and Separation

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