Marriage and Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy serves to help partners, (whether married or not) understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.  Couples therapy provides tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, to problem-solve more effectively and even have disagreements in a more productive and healthier way.  Provided by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy therapist, (LMFT), this modality can effectively improve interpersonal relating and help a couple to regain equilibrium.

Couples counseling can be short term, (a few sessions),  with a focus on managing or resolving a specific crisis or issue or can be longer term if the couple’s relationship has greatly deteriorated and is at risk of suffering permanent damage.  More complex factors such as underlying emotional or psychological issues such as infidelity, sexual concerns, explosive anger or personal illness can all contribute to greater distress in the relationship.  Couples Therapy will lead to more effectively resolving conflicts and heal wounds.

Common problems may be recognized in a range of presenting scenarios.  Maybe your partner comes home from work and withdraws to spend significant amounts of time on the computer.  Perhaps you, (or your partner), find alcohol helps you to better cope.  Maybe you realize you have not had a ‘real conversation’ for weeks or barely communicate any more.  Often times you are having more frequent and escalating arguments over finances.  Or maybe you are never in the mood for sex or avoid the topic entirely; intimacy is all but gone.

You may feel as though your relationship is slipping into dangerous territory.  You may wonder how (or if) you can halt the slide.  Unsure of how to fix it, you may seriously begin to question if things are beyond repair.  You might even be thinking that you (and even the children) would be better off ending the relationship.

These are all serious signs that it is time to reach out to speak with someone who can help.  This is the role of a Couples Therapist and the first step in getting the direction and guidance you will need in order to salvage and rebuild your relationship.  Improved communication will be the cornerstone to helping you understand each other better and make mutually respectful decisions. Our talented team of therapists can help you to more effectively resolve conflicts and heal even the deepest of wounds.

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