Psychoeducational Assessment

Most children will struggle at various points in their development and some will present challenges in learning. However, should this persist, it may be beneficial to identify those particular problems or weakness(es) that underly your youngster’s difficulties and undermining his/her academic and social success.

Signs that may suggest a child is in need of further attention or assistance:

  • Frustration related to school work  in the classroom and/or with homework
  • Academic underachievement or lack of engagement or motivation
  • School resistance, avoidance behavior (may express stomach aches or headaches), or outwardly hating school
  • Ongoing social or emotional problems

If your child is experiencing any of these problems, a Psycho-educational evaluation can identify important information to help you understand your child’s needs and provide help at home and in school.

Through the use of specifically  targeted assessment tools as well as interviews to gather information to understand your child’s developmental and academic learning issues, the assessment identifies:

  • Cognitive abilities and perceptual-motor capabilities
  • Learning style, identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Academic potential and achievement levels
  • Social-emotional functioning
  • Developmental issues

We can also provide placement evaluations for your gifted or exceptional student.

Typically, a psycho-educational evaluation can be completed in three sessions.  These include a parent interview, comprehensive testing, and a feedback conference.  A written psycho-educational report is provided to you, detailing the findings and recommendations for home and school, and is reviewed with you during a feedback conference.

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