Fees and Insurance

Therapists at The Center for Psychology and Counseling are ‘out of network’ and do not accept or process health insurance claims. Payment is due at the time of service at which time we will provide you with a receipt  that you can submit to your insurance provider. All of the therapists are licensed in their professional field by the state of Pennsylvania and comply with established standards of practice to meet insurance requirements. A sliding scale is available on a limited basis.

Please check with your insurance provider to find out what your out-of-network costs will be. Questions you should ask include:

1.  Do I have coverage for psychological services and what services are covered in part or in full?

2.  Do I have a deductible to meet, and have I met that already?

3.  How many sessions are covered in a year and what type of services, (individual, group, family, marital, or biofeedback for example)?

4.  Do I need a referral from my primary physician?


Our fees for psychotherapy range by the type of service provided, ($100 – $170).  Groups typically range $50-$70 per session. However, groups are presented as programs, (6 to 14 weeks in length), and therefore the cost  reflects the program length. Accepted payments are by check, (to The Center for Psychology and Counseling), or cash. Sliding scales may be available in some cases, please ask your therapist.

Questions? Contact us via this form or call 215-348-3300.